About Us

Welcome to Fit Is Easy. We are a small group of men and women from different racial and sexual orientation backgrounds. We ended up coming together through various groups of friends and are all dedicated to sharing our tips on what we consider something very important, looking and feeling good without all the headaches involved in it!

We all want to look and feel good. This is human nature and is something that we all feel like we have to STRIVE for. We have found that while it is going to be work, you will have to make a conscious effort looking and feeling good CAN be easy! It’s about making the right choices and forming the right habits. Anyone that tells you that you can get healthy (if you aren’t) without making any effort beyond taking a pill or ONLY changing your diet is WRONG. You have to put some thought into how you act, how you cook, what you eat and how you budget. All of that sounds boring and hard but it really doesn’t have to be!

We have articles on cooking, recipe shares, diets that work, gadgets to make things easier, exercises and equipment and more. We want you to find what we’ve found; getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be miserable and hard. It really can be fun and easy!