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Pillpack a new way to pharmacy

This could be a little controversial, for some really controversial for others I think they’ll just jump on in there. Pillpack basically becomes a replacement for your brick and mortar pharmacy. You can stop having to go to places like CVS and Walgreens, or having to trudge through Walmart. They work with your doctors in the same way that a brick and mortar pharmacy does, they get your prescriptions in and send the pills to you. Just like newspapers, shopping and entertainment media have all gone online, pharmacies are heading that way as well. There are lots of places already doing this, but Pillpack does it slightly differently where you don’t have to physically go anywhere to get your medication. This means if you are on something that doesn’t allow you to drive, or are physically unable to do so they can get your medication straight to you!

One of the things that really sold me is besides your co-pay there is no extra fees for using Pillpack. They dose everything out for you so you don’t have to worry about what you’ve taken. When I say they dose it out to you I mean it. Each dose is individually wrapped and dated. This is awesome for those caring for someone else (who may or may not remember to take their own medication) as well as any of us that forget to do it.

You can use Pillpack for the long or short term. There’s an option for “as needed” medication that will come in a normal prescription pill bottle just like you would get at a regular store. You can sign up the person you’re caring for via the normal sign-up page and there’s an option for being a caregiver with easy instructions.  They also have a 24-7 phone number you can call if you have any questions at any time

Pillpack is revolutionizing the pharmacy industry. I really don’t see any reason anyone would have to go to a regular store anymore especially for more sensitive medication needs. They have all the information on their site. It’s well worth a look