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6 Minutes to skinny

So of course, as people that are not only trying to better ourselves but try to make it easy for everyone we try different types of exercises. I think this is important on a whole bunch of levels, including that we can all get in a rut and need to change things up. So I’ve been checking out all kinds of videos online because there are a lot of people that cannot get out to the gym. It’s really imperative that we have some videos that people can download videos and watch them at home.

One of these that I found are the 6 Minutes to Skinny videos. They are pretty good. I think that they are for women and men. They are definitely ok for beginners but what surprised me the most was how much I got out of it as someone that is pretty darn fit. It takes you through some quick exercises that you can do when you don’t have much time. Let me tell you what I was sore! lol. It was certainly a work out. I am not one of those women that has a 6 pack by default and I can see that this would definitely work! There are several videos that they have that you can mix and match to change up what you’re doing each day.

I really think that these videos should definitely be explored by more than just beginners and those looking for a “quick fix”. They are pretty intense though a beginner could certainly get through them. I really did enjoy them, personally. They are really easy to follow, and quick to download. They can also be downloaded again at a later time if need be!

6 Minutes to Skinny really is a great bunch of videos. The instructions are easy, the videos are actually enjoyable to watch. I really do recommend them