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Restaurant Secret Recipes

So ok like many of us I find eating out to be something that is difficult unless it’s something you are doing for a special occasion and you are “throwing away the day”. It’s not always the cost that is prohibitive but we all know how much butter and salt restaurants use in their food….or should I say we’re afraid to ask! I like to indulge like anyone else but there are times I’m craving something from Carrabba’s or Outback….even Olive Garden but I know that it’s not going to be “healthy” for the most part. At least not the dishes I want :) I had seen this on one of those Good Morning America shows a while ago and forgot about it before coming across it again.

secret recipes

America Restaurant Recipe

After finding it again I decided to give it a try. I found a place to get it on this site and they even give you a sample one for free if you put in your email. There are some pretty damn good finds in here. Naturally I found that I had to “rethink” them to make them better for me. It’s amazing how using a little less butter, a little less salt, etc can really make a difference in balancing out the health perspective and the taste. I would not suggest omitting all the fat and salt, etc that these recipes use. If you are going to do that you might as well just get a “healthy” frozen dinner from the freezer section. The taste would be a bit better than that….but not by a lot.


It was not difficult at all to adapt these recipes to a way that made them taste just as good but not be as bad for you. I would suggest checking it out you can get the recipe book here

Suspension Revolution

We have all seen different types of exercise equipment over the years on TV. We know all the types that we see in the gym and we all have a pretty good idea of what we can get at home from places like Walmart and Dick’s. There are pros and cons to all of these types of things. Mostly, I would say, the cons tend to be that they are bulky and there’s no place to store them. You don’t want to have to put a tread mill in the middle of the living room because you don’t have a spare bedroom or garage to keep all of your “equipment” in. Lots of them become compact so you can fold them up and slide them under your bed but who needs another excuse to not exercise than you don’t feel like digging it out lol

There are lots of exercise routines out there that use some of the non-traditional equipment out there as well. One of these that I ran into when we were talking about creating this website is Suspension Revolution.

Free weights

Free Weights

So the guy that is in the videos is….intense. However, if you can get used to it it’s worth listening to the first few times you do it. After that you can feel free to put on your own music like I did. His name is Dan Long and while he can be pretty in your face, he has some fantastic ideas. The exercises are easy to do, you can do them anywhere and the bands could almost fit in cargo short pockets (they can’t but it’s close). :)

I would suggest getting the DVD though I did start with just the bands. The problem is that while I could certainly exercise with them I didn’t really have any variety and got almost no cardio. I was building strength, certainly, but didn’t see how using bands could be a fat burner. Then I used the DVD and got it. The guy has some pretty good routines. Definitely worth a shot considering that the whole thing is pretty inexpensive.

Try out Suspension Revolution