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Scosche RHYTHM+

So there is a new product from Digifit called the Scoshe Rythym +. It’s a great tool for tracking heart rate, calories burned and so much more. The device is worn around your wrist and tracks all of the information. It’s not as big and bulky as some of the other ones I’ve seen. In fact it has a nice sleek look that looks like a watch. If you have pretty much any portable smart device such as iphone, ipod, ipad, any android phone you can download the app for free.

The app interface is really easy to use there are all kinds of ways of saving the information so that you can track your process. I have to say that I will feature some other types of devices as we go on but right now this is probably one of my favorites. I am hoping that in the future there will be more colors of the frame or the bands, but that will come with time. The price point also isn’t too bad considering it’s under 85.00 which is a lot less than some of the competitors with the same type of product.

What sold me on it the most was that it’s also got Bluetooth. You don’t have to worry about increasing your data plan, using your data plan or having to wait until you are in a WiFi area. While we all know there are more and more wifi areas around, where you might be running may not have it. This makes sending the information to your device pretty flawless and easy.

Digifit has been around for a long while now and they have some other types of devices. The Scosche Rythym + is just now my newest favorite. Check it out and compare, I really think you’ll agree that for the price it’s a really great deal.