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Paleo Diet Cook Book

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

So I have been looking into all of the “diets” that are out there, and naturally there are a LOT of them. I have been most interested in the Paleo diet as I find the concept of it pretty intriguing. It was actually my boss that got me interested in it. She had been doing it for a while and like anybody on a diet, particularly a newer one she talked about it a lot :). So in joining on with this website I decided to give it a try. It’s not all about reducing carbs but really it’s about not eating processed foods which most professionals will tell you to stay away from anyway. The Paleo is all about eating what you could eat if you were a caveman or woman.

There are lots of different ways of starting out any diet of course but I prefer to get on either a program or with a recipe book. I started out at 1000 Paleo Recipes. I liked there’s because it’s cheap (under 30 bucks now) and you can download it multiple times and on multiple platforms.

Not every single recipe is appealing and obviously being so many I haven’t tried them all but the fact that they have smoothie and snack on the go recipes was a HUGE bonus in my book. I’ll also point out the single biggest surprise, but now my favorite thing is they actually have recipes for sauces and condiments. You can only eat so many chicken breasts before you are longing for something new lol. The sauces section saved the whole thing in my opinion.

You can check out the whole thing at their site.

Guilt Free Desserts Cook Book

Yeah yeah, I’m with you I’ve seen lots of things that show stuff about how you can bake “guilt free” and it tastes great and “you’d never know”. I’m with you, yeah right. I’ve tried a LOT of recipes to make things either fat free (which usually just means more sugar) or sugar free which makes it taste disgusting.  To me one of the worst things I’ve found with desserts that aren’t healthy but someone has tried to find a way to make them healthy such as brownies and cookies is that they are super dry. There’s little to no flavor from the original dessert and the texture is way off.

I found this book from Guilt Free Desserts and was as skeptical as you, if not more since I’d already tried so many of these types of books. This one claims to have diabetic friendly and gluten free recipes. I also didn’t care much for their website as it seems very generic but in joining with the guys here at our site I figured I had try anything I could find to give the good and the bad.

At this time I haven’t tried all the recipes and there are a couple I probably won’t try because it’s not my type of food. However, I have tried the chocolate chip cookies, the Flourless chocolate cake and the coconut macaroons. While I don’t think the chocolate chip were going to be on my new top 10 favorite list they actually weren’t bad.  The flourless chocolate cake and the macaroons however….I was really surprised. These were really good! I’ll throw in some others later when I have time but considering it’s under 30 bucks for a cookbook that specializes in some of the newer health crazes it’s worth the buy.

Guilt Free Desserts Cook book

Guilt Free Cook book

You can see a lot more about it on their website