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Pharrell Williams Adidas line

I really don’t know how I missed this at the end of last year but after looking through some of the stuff at Adidas I didn’t know that Pharrell Williams and Adidas had made an entire collection.  The collection was for men and has some really cool, vibrant colors.








The Adidas Original Pharrell Williams Collection was a very pleasant surprise. They have shoes of a whole bunch of different varieties and several different colors and styles for track jackets.

The shoes are high quality leather (on the upper and the lining). They range in colors and have different size polka dots and a rubber outsole.

The track jackets also have different types of colors and polka dots. They have front zip pockets and a full zip up the front with a ribbed collar. They have ribbed cuffs and hem as well. The shell is 100% polyester satin and the lining is polyester plain weave.

Sure they make a statement but considering the message both Adidas and Pharrell Williams put out, how can it be bad?!

Unisex Biosweat Sauna Suits

The World’s Best Sauna Suit, designed with a fashionable heavy cotton blend outer shell, seamlessly combined with our unique Poly-Bio-Flex fabric technology inner lining to inducing sweat up to 70% during workout. Machine Washable.

One of the best things about these suits is that they have some for men AND women. Bio-Sweats Muti-Purpose Sauna Suit is made with double layered Poly-Bio-Flex water resistant fabric and is designed for the active lifestyle and ideal for various sporting activities. Bio Sweats can be used as an effective sauna suit, all fitness workouts, weight loss exercise, ski/water sports, water-resistant and warm suit.