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Pharrell Williams Adidas line

I really don’t know how I missed this at the end of last year but after looking through some of the stuff at Adidas I didn’t know that Pharrell Williams and Adidas had made an entire collection.  The collection was for men and has some really cool, vibrant colors.








The Adidas Original Pharrell Williams Collection was a very pleasant surprise. They have shoes of a whole bunch of different varieties and several different colors and styles for track jackets.

The shoes are high quality leather (on the upper and the lining). They range in colors and have different size polka dots and a rubber outsole.

The track jackets also have different types of colors and polka dots. They have front zip pockets and a full zip up the front with a ribbed collar. They have ribbed cuffs and hem as well. The shell is 100% polyester satin and the lining is polyester plain weave.

Sure they make a statement but considering the message both Adidas and Pharrell Williams put out, how can it be bad?!

Unisex Biosweat Sauna Suits

The World’s Best Sauna Suit, designed with a fashionable heavy cotton blend outer shell, seamlessly combined with our unique Poly-Bio-Flex fabric technology inner lining to inducing sweat up to 70% during workout. Machine Washable.

One of the best things about these suits is that they have some for men AND women. Bio-Sweats Muti-Purpose Sauna Suit is made with double layered Poly-Bio-Flex water resistant fabric and is designed for the active lifestyle and ideal for various sporting activities. Bio Sweats can be used as an effective sauna suit, all fitness workouts, weight loss exercise, ski/water sports, water-resistant and warm suit.


Adidas Barricade

Adidas has outdone themselves again with The 2015 Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes. These things ROCK.  The Barricade is new this year 2015 and is revolutionizing the tennis shoe world. The reviews on these are never less than 5 star and so far we agree. They seem to have extra padding in the heal for shock support and have a streamline look that we like. I also like the fact that it doesn’t look like a “tennis” shoe and more like a sneaker.

Adidas Barricade

These shoes are built tough for aggressive play on the court. They have a ballistic mesh on the upper part of the shoe and a TPU skin. TPU is the same type of material that they use for phone cases, so it is durable AND flexible. They also have enhanced stability in the midfoot area for more support. They also have Adidas’s exclusive Adiprene in the forefoot which helps give an extra step.

The shoes we reviewed were specifically for men and come in red (shown above) blue and white. Again the Barricade Tennis Shoe is new this year and really something to see.

Diamond Back Fitness Indoor Cycles

Diamond Back Fitness

Diamond Back Fitness is a top rated fitness equipment seller. These guys have been making and selling exercise equipment for a long time. Today I’m going to talk about their indoor cycles. The 2014 Diamondback Fitness Indoor Cycles are designed for indoor studio cycling enthusiasts and cyclists looking for a bad weather alternative to outdoor road rides. These are top quality and from every review I’ve read there simply hasn’t been any problems with them.

So I got with some friends and found someone that had bought one. The particular one I looked at was the brand new 510IC Indoor Cycle Trainer. The flywheel and frame feels extremely sturdy. My friend is not a small guy and it handles him very well. The handlebars also have multiple positions which allows not only for different types of people to ride it comfortably but can also add to the whole experience. There are 14 workout programs to choose from and you can combine them to really make it a custom experience every time. The contact heart rate sensors are pretty standard but I know on some other equipment they don’t sit quite where I grab and I have to constantly adjust my grip. Because of the handle size I was pretty much right on it the whole time which was a nice change.

The price point on the unit I got to try is pretty much in line with all of the similar bikes on the market. I found that there were a lot more much more expensive, that don’t have the reviews that this one does nor the backing of such a company that has been around for so long.

I feel extremely confident in not only recommending the bike I got to try but pretty much any product that is put out by DiamondBack


Scosche RHYTHM+

So there is a new product from Digifit called the Scoshe Rythym +. It’s a great tool for tracking heart rate, calories burned and so much more. The device is worn around your wrist and tracks all of the information. It’s not as big and bulky as some of the other ones I’ve seen. In fact it has a nice sleek look that looks like a watch. If you have pretty much any portable smart device such as iphone, ipod, ipad, any android phone you can download the app for free.

The app interface is really easy to use there are all kinds of ways of saving the information so that you can track your process. I have to say that I will feature some other types of devices as we go on but right now this is probably one of my favorites. I am hoping that in the future there will be more colors of the frame or the bands, but that will come with time. The price point also isn’t too bad considering it’s under 85.00 which is a lot less than some of the competitors with the same type of product.

What sold me on it the most was that it’s also got Bluetooth. You don’t have to worry about increasing your data plan, using your data plan or having to wait until you are in a WiFi area. While we all know there are more and more wifi areas around, where you might be running may not have it. This makes sending the information to your device pretty flawless and easy.

Digifit has been around for a long while now and they have some other types of devices. The Scosche Rythym + is just now my newest favorite. Check it out and compare, I really think you’ll agree that for the price it’s a really great deal.

Pilates Balls

My friend Jennifer just got in my new 2lb Pilates Ball from Fitness Republic. It’s a really pretty green color. I’m really digging it. Hopefully a lot of you guys are into Pilates. I do a lot of different type of aerobic exercises but Pilates has always been one of my favorites.

In Pilates as well as any exercise program it’s important variety to your workouts.  With a Fitness Republic Pilates weighted ball. They have different weights, this one being the two pound ball.

I would say you could use it for the Star Reach, Spider Triceps, Toe Touch, and lunges. You could also just roll down the ball with your chest.


There’s a lot that you can do with this besides Pilates of course, but for this article I would say that’s what we’re using it for. I like it better than just a dumb bell because you can do a lot more balance types of things with it. Sort of like you can throw a towel down on the floor for Yoga, but using a Yoga mat really gets you what you need for what you are doing.

I like most of the stuff from Fitness Republic anyway, so I’d recommend anything I’ve either tried or had friends try. If you are just starting out with Pilates or have been doing it for a while and are looking for something to make your sessions have that “something extra” that we all need from time to time, try one of these weighted balls.


Last minute Valentine’s Idea!

Awesome deal from Fitness Republic!


Yoga Valentine’s special


6 Minutes to skinny

So of course, as people that are not only trying to better ourselves but try to make it easy for everyone we try different types of exercises. I think this is important on a whole bunch of levels, including that we can all get in a rut and need to change things up. So I’ve been checking out all kinds of videos online because there are a lot of people that cannot get out to the gym. It’s really imperative that we have some videos that people can download videos and watch them at home.

One of these that I found are the 6 Minutes to Skinny videos. They are pretty good. I think that they are for women and men. They are definitely ok for beginners but what surprised me the most was how much I got out of it as someone that is pretty darn fit. It takes you through some quick exercises that you can do when you don’t have much time. Let me tell you what I was sore! lol. It was certainly a work out. I am not one of those women that has a 6 pack by default and I can see that this would definitely work! There are several videos that they have that you can mix and match to change up what you’re doing each day.

I really think that these videos should definitely be explored by more than just beginners and those looking for a “quick fix”. They are pretty intense though a beginner could certainly get through them. I really did enjoy them, personally. They are really easy to follow, and quick to download. They can also be downloaded again at a later time if need be!

6 Minutes to Skinny really is a great bunch of videos. The instructions are easy, the videos are actually enjoyable to watch. I really do recommend them

Self Defense Course

Hey guys, this is something pretty serious that we’ve all talked about but really needs to have a closer look from time to time. I know that I worry frequently about my wife coming and going from work especially when it’s dark. She works in a large building that has a parking garage. The lighting is never that great, really even during the day, and there are many times when she is out there alone on her way to and from her car. This is something that worries her, as well as me. It certainly isn’t because “she’s a woman” but simply because through her whole life she’s never really been in a physical altercation. Frankly, I think for the most part many of us can go our whole lives without having to worry about that kind of thing…as it should be. However, these days have changed and people are more unpredictable and violent than ever before.

To be honest even I get the heebie jeebies sometimes in these types of situations. As a man, fact of the matter is, I’m far less likely to be accosted by someone than a woman would but it certainly doesn’t mean I’m impervious to it. In fact these days with people on all kinds of drugs from crack to pills you never know what type of person may approach you.  Sad, that today the HOPE is that someone approaching you in the dark is ONLY going to rob you. If you’re a woman there’s double trouble. Maybe that crack head get’s it in his broken mind to do more than just get her money. These are thoughts I just can’t abide by anymore. I found a great DVD that can also be streamed that teaches some basic self defense. It isn’t perfect and it isn’t going to put anyone in a cage fight with Anderson Silva but it just could save your life or someone you love. Check it out Patriot Self Defense


Suspension Revolution

We have all seen different types of exercise equipment over the years on TV. We know all the types that we see in the gym and we all have a pretty good idea of what we can get at home from places like Walmart and Dick’s. There are pros and cons to all of these types of things. Mostly, I would say, the cons tend to be that they are bulky and there’s no place to store them. You don’t want to have to put a tread mill in the middle of the living room because you don’t have a spare bedroom or garage to keep all of your “equipment” in. Lots of them become compact so you can fold them up and slide them under your bed but who needs another excuse to not exercise than you don’t feel like digging it out lol

There are lots of exercise routines out there that use some of the non-traditional equipment out there as well. One of these that I ran into when we were talking about creating this website is Suspension Revolution.

Free weights

Free Weights

So the guy that is in the videos is….intense. However, if you can get used to it it’s worth listening to the first few times you do it. After that you can feel free to put on your own music like I did. His name is Dan Long and while he can be pretty in your face, he has some fantastic ideas. The exercises are easy to do, you can do them anywhere and the bands could almost fit in cargo short pockets (they can’t but it’s close). :)

I would suggest getting the DVD though I did start with just the bands. The problem is that while I could certainly exercise with them I didn’t really have any variety and got almost no cardio. I was building strength, certainly, but didn’t see how using bands could be a fat burner. Then I used the DVD and got it. The guy has some pretty good routines. Definitely worth a shot considering that the whole thing is pretty inexpensive.

Try out Suspension Revolution