Pilates Balls

My friend Jennifer just got in my new 2lb Pilates Ball from Fitness Republic. It’s a really pretty green color. I’m really digging it. Hopefully a lot of you guys are into Pilates. I do a lot of different type of aerobic exercises but Pilates has always been one of my favorites.

In Pilates as well as any exercise program it’s important variety to your workouts.  With a Fitness Republic Pilates weighted ball. They have different weights, this one being the two pound ball.

I would say you could use it for the Star Reach, Spider Triceps, Toe Touch, and lunges. You could also just roll down the ball with your chest.


There’s a lot that you can do with this besides Pilates of course, but for this article I would say that’s what we’re using it for. I like it better than just a dumb bell because you can do a lot more balance types of things with it. Sort of like you can throw a towel down on the floor for Yoga, but using a Yoga mat really gets you what you need for what you are doing.

I like most of the stuff from Fitness Republic anyway, so I’d recommend anything I’ve either tried or had friends try. If you are just starting out with Pilates or have been doing it for a while and are looking for something to make your sessions have that “something extra” that we all need from time to time, try one of these weighted balls.


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