Self Defense Course

Hey guys, this is something pretty serious that we’ve all talked about but really needs to have a closer look from time to time. I know that I worry frequently about my wife coming and going from work especially when it’s dark. She works in a large building that has a parking garage. The lighting is never that great, really even during the day, and there are many times when she is out there alone on her way to and from her car. This is something that worries her, as well as me. It certainly isn’t because “she’s a woman” but simply because through her whole life she’s never really been in a physical altercation. Frankly, I think for the most part many of us can go our whole lives without having to worry about that kind of thing…as it should be. However, these days have changed and people are more unpredictable and violent than ever before.

To be honest even I get the heebie jeebies sometimes in these types of situations. As a man, fact of the matter is, I’m far less likely to be accosted by someone than a woman would but it certainly doesn’t mean I’m impervious to it. In fact these days with people on all kinds of drugs from crack to pills you never know what type of person may approach you.  Sad, that today the HOPE is that someone approaching you in the dark is ONLY going to rob you. If you’re a woman there’s double trouble. Maybe that crack head get’s it in his broken mind to do more than just get her money. These are thoughts I just can’t abide by anymore. I found a great DVD that can also be streamed that teaches some basic self defense. It isn’t perfect and it isn’t going to put anyone in a cage fight with Anderson Silva but it just could save your life or someone you love. Check it out Patriot Self Defense


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